Reconditioning for cosmetically damaged aluminum wheels.

Too often the overall condition of a person’s car is dictated by the condition of the car’s wheels or rims. The wheels or rims of a car are often exposed to the harsh elements of the weather, the rough terrain of the local roads, and the unfortunate abrasiveness of curbs during parallel parking. In years past, a replacement was the only option, but now there is a more affordable solution.

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Reparable Finishes

Aluminum wheels or rims come in a multitude of finishes including natural, painted, hyper silver, machined, polished, and chrome.
All finishes are repairable except for chrome.
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Quick & Easy

WheelsOnsite® prides itself on excellent service and convenience. With just a couple of days notice, we will come to your home or office and recondition your wheel directly on the car to a like-new condition.
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Lifetime Warranty

WheelsOnsite’s® insures the highest quality repair available in the mobile wheel reconditioning industry. Our best in class “ON CAR. ONSITE. ON TIME.®” service offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty on delamination.

On Car. Onsite. On Time.®

Custom Refinishing

Customize your wheels with us! Our vans are equipped to come to your location and customize the wheel finish on your vehicle without removing or replacing them and leave you with a like-new result. Our customized refinishes are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty on delamintation.

Gloss and matte finishes available.

How It Works

With our Wheelright® process, we are able to insure the highest quality repair available in the mobile wheel reconditioning industry.


Remove Damage

We start by removing all cosmetic damage such as curb rash, small scratches, gouges, chips, and brake dust stains. We achieve this by resculpting the face of the wheel without the use of fillers.

Blend Areas Together

We then blend the repaired area with our formulated paints to the factory color of the wheel.

Apply A Hard Clear Coat

Lastly, we apply a hard clear coat to the entire face of the wheel, giving it a long lasting shine.